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prism energy servicesPrism Energy Services ( has recently changed its energy efficiency website to provide customers with a great tool to access any and all information about new energy efficiency measures and easier access to energy efficiency solutions.

“We’re proud of our new website,” said William McFadden, marketing manager for Prism Energy Services, an energy efficiency company based in Quincy, MA. The new website will provide utility customers more up-to-date information on energy efficiency and new energy efficiency solutions. We hope the website will help people learn about the Massachusetts and New Hampshire energy programs for small businesses and the services we can provide, such as a complimentary energy audit.

Massachusetts and New Hampshire governments have mandated that the utility companies must lower their electric demand. Now, more than ever, utility companies want to work for their customers to help them find energy efficiency solutions to lower their monthly energy bills. Prism’s goal is to help customers achieve the most benefit from these programs, go green, and help protect and preserve the environment. To learn more about how Prism can help you become more energy efficient, visit

About the Prism Energy Services Energy Efficiency Company Prism Energy Services is an energy efficiency company, headquartered in Quincy, MA, that specializes in the evaluation, design, and installation of energy efficiency measures for commercial, industrial, and municipal customers. Prism Energy Services provides clients with innovative energy efficiency solutions, supporting a quality business environment for customers, patrons, and employees, while lowering monthly energy costs by up to 30%. Prism reaches this objective by working closely with clients to evaluate individual needs, design state-of-the-art energy efficiency solutions, and provide expert installation, resulting in quality, performance, and energy efficiency. We start the process by offering a complimentary energy audit at your convenience and then sending an energy efficiency proposal. Best of all, Prism’s concierge level service provides turnkey energy efficiency solutions while accessing utility company incentives to underwrite a significant portion of the project cost , resulting in an attractive payback on investment. Such a customized approach guarantees that each client receives a highly personalized, superior standard of service, both now and in the future. For more details visit us at:

William McFadden
Marketing Manager
1150 Hancock Street, Suite 400

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