How to choose the right disabled shower for your needs

corner swift wet roomDisabled showers are the ideal choice if you experience difficulty using a traditional shower. They are easy to install and don’t require renovating your whole bathroom but it can be a bit tricky picking the best one to suit your needs.

How To Choose Disabled Showers

There are many designs and combinations of features that make disabled showers convenient and easy to use. Before you commit to buying one, its best to carefully consider all the points to ensure you’ve watched the right one.

The first thing that must be considered when choosing disabled showers is space. You need to think about how big your bathroom is. This is essential. Otherwise you could end up purchasing a disabled shower that is too big for your bathroom. It is important to consider whether a shower that has a square enclosure or an offset quadrant would work better for you. You also need to think about whether there is enough space for the shower door to open easily or if a sliding door would be better suited for your bathroom.

Each disabled shower will need to be considered for its merits and its disadvantages. You need to choose a disabled shower that suits your requirements. This means that if you require a shower seat then you need to be looking at disabled showers that come with a foldable shower seat.

It is important to choose a disabled shower that is practical and suits your requirements but it but remember to pick an attractive option too. Disabled showers have moved away from the cold, sterile look that would be better in hospitals. Instead, they look exactly the same as regular showers so choose on that matches your prior interior design choices.

You should also consider any accessories for your shower. Although disabled showers are designed to be used safely and independently, there are a number of other aids available that can make your showering experience more enjoyable.

For example, you could include jets from multiple angles with a multi-head shower. Or perhaps you need a body dryer to help making drying off a speedier process. It’s up to you, so ask about accessories before you commit to buying.

Bathtime Mobility For A Wide Range Of Disabled Showers

If you would like a Bathtime Mobility advisor can come to your home and they can inform you which disabled showers would fit perfectly in your bathroom. This can be arranged through contacting the Bathtime Mobility team, so make sure you talk to them today!

They will be happy to help and talk you through the features of the disabled showers that match your requirements and can be installed in your bathroom according to how big the bathroom is.

If you need any help choosing the disabled shower that is right for you, you can contact the Bathtime Mobility team on 0800 29 22 110 or fill in the contact form on their website,

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