Record Number of Jobs Advertised with No Salary Details

According to recruitment software provider, Recruitive, August saw the highest ever number of jobs advertised without salary information.

An incredible 29.72% of jobs advertised in August, via the multi-posting software, offered no salary information compared to just 9.48% in August of 2009.

Sarah Dickens, Marketing Manager at Recruitive comments: “Before the recession employers tended to advertise salary information in order to attract candidates to their vacancy. When tough economic times hit, employers found less of a need to provide salary details to attract a large number of applicants.”

Dickens continues: “It is interesting to see that, despite the job market improving, we are still experiencing a month on month increase in the number of jobs advertised with no salary information. This may suggest that employers are changing their approach to the way their vacancies are advertised.”

Carla Fern, Operations Director at Recruitive, believes that a side effect of the economic crisis is that employers are being extra careful not to pay higher salary rates than necessary. “By not stating a salary the employer has the power to negotiate depending upon the candidates experience and current wage.”

Sarah Dickens

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