Keep a beautiful color in the winter with Sunless Tanning by Sunlabs

The drear period of winter, where the days are short, means that what sun light there is is weak and one never ventures outside without at least 3 layers of clothing.

It may not be so bad down in Texas, Southern California and Florida but even so the power of the sun is much reduced. The further north one goes the worse it gets.

Now one of the effects of this is of course that our skin fades and becomes whiter and pasty looking. This look is much favored by Japanese ladies in Japan but here in the West the desirable look is for a tanned complexion. So what is required is the ability to do some sunless self tanning.

Fortunately there are the wonderful and effective Sunless Tanning Products available from Sun Laboratories formulated and manufactured here in Chatsworth California. These tanning lotions enable one to go a beautiful brown color even in the absence of the sun and the dead of winter. And there are numerous different products available for home as well as salon application.

So if you wish to be the envy of your friends and sport a wonderful golden brown tanned skin tone all year round then click on the link to Sun Laboratories and browse the site. You are bound to find a lotion to suit you and your complexion.

The tones of the product range from lightly tanned to a dark and have a number of different ways of application, from sprays and self applicator sponges and mitts.

The self tanning process is one in which one can choose the easy way and just put the tanning lotion on or do it properly to ensure that it lasts. In those packs there are 3 stages. Firstly the exfoliating scrup to ensure that the surface of the skin where your are about to tan is thoroughly clean and you have removed the dead skin on the surface. This step is important as one knows that one’s skin is always shedding off the surface flakes and with the scrub provided these are cleaned off well enabling the self tanning lotion to penetrate and provide a lasting tan.

Then one applies the tanning lotion itself. As mentioned above this can be spreyed on or applied using a sponge or the mitt supplied by Sunlabs in one of their packs, The advantage of using the mitt is that one can spread the lotion easily and it is possible to get a more even overall cover.

Then there are top up lotions which can be easily applied to keep the color from fading over time.

Click on a link to check out the Sunless Tanning Products and browse through this months special offers which are available to anyone in the world who wishes to sport a beautiful tan even when the sun itself is not strong or hot enough.

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