Recycling-friendly demolition programme announced by demolition company in Perth

A new website promoting recycling-friendly demolition services was launched this week by Andrew McDonald with the help of eBusiness Courses. 

Perth, Western Australia, November 19th, 2013 — Andrew McDonald with the help of EBusiness Courses launched their official website today promoting their recycling friendly demolition services.

With over 20 years in the demolition industry, Andrew McDonald and his friendly team have been safely and successfully demolishing residential, commercial and industrial structures for customers in the Perth metropolitan area for many years. Their environmentally friendly recycling practices minimise unwanted landfill and sees them recycle about 90% of demolished materials from a job site.

Perth Demolition Company’s Recycling Friendly Demolition program focuses on handpicking and stripping out any salvageable bricks, roof tiles, timber, windows and doors in good condition and passing them on to local salvage yards that run a green recycling program in Perth. If timber is not in good condition it is converted and used for mulch. Anything else that is not recyclable such as broken bricks and concrete is crushed and used for road base.

Perth Demolition Company pride themselves on averaging only one truckload of landfill per demolition job, good for you and good for the environment.

Perth Demolition – Official Website:
Andrew McDonald’s key way of doing business has always been in person or by telephone with his clients and with the trend in businesses going digital, Andrew felt it was time to connect with his customers online as well. Many people know about the company’s services in house demolition, commercial strip-outs and backyard cleanouts for subdivision purposes but not so much about their recycling friendly demolition program. The official launch of the company’s new website brings all of those elements together with a colourful history of demolition in Perth.

With 32 years’ experience in the demolition industry, Perth Demolition Company knows every aspect of demolition including house demolition, commercial demolition, office strip-outs and asbestos removal. The company own and operate all of their own machinery and hire out semi tipper trucks, excavators and bobcats to customers in the Perth metropolitan area. All demolition services include the full removal of site rubble with environmentally friendly recycling of waste materials. To find out more, visit

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