Lead tracking made easier with Construction Project Management software

Co-Construct, a construction project management software is now making lead tracking easier for remodeling and construction companies. With the new developments in the software, company owners and employees can see both their leads and contacts in one place, helping them manage potential clients and get new projects.

When the sales team tracks and follows up on their leads, they increase the probability of acquiring new clients. This can be easily done if the sales lead list is integrated with the current contacts list so that teammates, partners, existing clients with Co-Construct access, and potential clients can be accessed in one place.

Business owners and authorized staff will just have to visit the Manage Contacts page to track their current projects and prospective clients instead of going to different pages.

By having the contacts categorized, employees can easily distinguish which people in the list are their partners, teammates, leads, vendors, clients, or others. They can also classify the leads by rating them so they will know which ones to prioritize. If the staff has limited time available to contact these people, the classification will help them prioritize the more promising leads to save time.

The Activity Manager that only used to show the to-do list, schedule, and warranty tasks will now include the owner’s activities for his contacts. Information about scheduled calls can be placed here so all important actions whether for an existing project, a warranty task, or following up on a lead, are stored in one place.

With this new development, employees can easily manage and track their leads and be more active in persuading them to hire the company for their services. The Co-Construct team is currently developing additional features to make the completion of construction projects easier.

Visit www.Co-Construct.com today to learn more about the software.

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