Get your own tree swing in your garden

A typical Tree Swing is part of the image of a house with a white picket fence, and you may have seen a homemade swing constructed out of rope and a spare tire or wooden plank hanging from a tree branch. A tree swing also gives you a nice seat outdoors by the shade while remaining within the premise of your property.

Some people create their own makeshift swing using a standard piece of rope and attaching it to a discarded tire or a sturdy piece of wood that can be improvised as a seat. DIY swings are always an option though for a swing that can be relied on for its durability and fine craftsmanship, you should visit Rope Tree Swings for a selection of swings and accessories made right here in the USA.

Rope Tree Swings is a site that carries a wide range of swings for home use and installation. It has swings made from various styles of wood. Some of the available options include oak, maple, walnut and pine. These are all extremely durable and finished wood that can maintain its shape and form for many years even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. There are also choices between the traditional rectangular wooden seat and a round seat with the rope attached to the center.

Consumers can also choose between children and adult-sized swings. Yes, there are larger swings made for adult use. Grown men and women also like to have fun every now and then and just gently rock back and forth while enjoying the cool outdoor breeze. A swing can also serve as a romantic setting where the woman sits while the man pushes the swing for her.

Rope Tree swings also supplies the rope, which is sold by feet. This is sturdy rope made from thick polypropylene. This is extra heavy-duty rope that is waterproof and can accommodate up to 700 pounds. It is also coated to protect it from UV rays. The site even carries the straps for securing the rope to the branch.

Aside from its recreational use, tree swings also make a great décor item. Having a swing suspended from a branch within your property really gives the property a homely appearance. In addition, it also encourages your children to play outside and get some exercise rather than spending their time on video games or social network. A tree swing is also a great addition to a mini playground and really gives kids a reason to spend their free time in a more productive manner.

The outdoor portion of your property is just as much a part of your home as the interior. A simple wooden swing adds a sense of home sweet home to the area. Every home with children can benefit from a swing and provide hours of fun and exercise. Rope Tree Swings provide all the items needed to set up a sturdy tree swing provided that you have an existing tree on your property with a strong branch that can support a person’s weight.

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