Keep rodents away with Wheeler’s Pest Control

Wheeler’s Pest Control is the one stop shop if families or an entire community is suffering from the nuisance created by pests. The company runs its operation exclusively in Southern California and Orange County.

It employs state licensed technicians, who set high standards for exterminating unwanted pests. They work with pride, integrity and professionalism, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction to customers. All professionals working with the firm have a minimum of 8 years’ experience and ensure that the job is effectively undertaken the first time.

Bee removal, gopher control and rodent termination are just some of the many services for which customers can seek assistance. The service plans provided to them are exclusively designed to meet their individual requirements. Inhabitants of Los Angeles, San Diego and other regions beyond can also approach for pest extermination services. Each plan offered to the customers comprises of a unique treatment schedule and solution. From year-round support to monthly services, people can pick their specific preference.

Every individual believes that their commercial or residential property deserves cleanliness and prevention from rodents causing infestations. Spiders, ants, flies and roaches can also be rid from the property by seeking expert services. Treatments provided by the technicians include sealing all rodent entry points, sanitizing and setting up insulation. The exterminators ensure prevention by using chemical as well as non-chemical control techniques. They perform regular vacuuming and sweeping of windows and corners of rooms for removing hiding spots for spiders and other pests. Spraying control solution is a temporary resolution that comes with housekeeping.

It is vital for home owners and commercial establishment owners to check their yards regularly for signs of rodents. Symptoms such as rodent dropping, noises from the attic or walls, pests losing hair in large patches must be taken seriously. Sanitation of the surrounding must also be maintained constantly. provides extensive information regarding the services offered by them. Visitors can find recommendations for preventing future problems that may arise.

The technicians are aware that even the cleanest of buildings suffer from pest-related issues. Homes and offices often have storage areas, where boxes are kept unattended for long hours. They work as access regions for roaches, wasps and rodents of different kinds. By using the latest technology, the professionals make sure that the clients’ space is rid off them for an extended duration. To learn more about their services, visit

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