Dentist offers Sapphire Teeth Whitening for a bright smiles

The cheapest way for anyone looking for a way to improve the appearance of stained or discolored teeth is through teeth whitening. The Longmont Teeth Whitening Dentist uses a combination of treatments that can be done in the office or by the patients at home.

Teeth whitening done by a dental professional in their office provides many benefits. Take-home kits are also effective and help maintain the effects provided by professional tooth whitening.

“A teeth whitening treatment performed at our office can really give your smile a boost for any event, whether it’s a wedding, reunion, or vacation,” says Dr. Kurt Knechtel. “It’s one of the easiest and most affordable ways to really revive a dull smile.” The Longmont Teeth Whitening Dentist uses the Sapphire system to whiten teeth up to seven shades. “With a professional whitening done in our office, you can see the results in just one visit. Take-home kits provided by our office are also effective, but it may take longer to achieve the same results as that of whitening done in our office,” explains Dr. Knechtel.

A professional cleaning is recommended prior to any professional teeth whitening. This is necessary because a patient may have plaque buildup that can inhibit the whitening process and reduce the full effect of treatment. Once the teeth have been professionally cleaned, the whitening treatment begins by protecting the patient’s lips and gums, leaving only the teeth exposed. A hydrogen peroxide-based gel is then carefully applied to the tooth enamel.

The Sapphire whitening treatment involves the use of a special bleaching light fitted with an infrared filter to minimize the amount of heat to which the patient’s teeth are exposed. Once the light is in position it illuminates all the teeth being treated. Immediately following the bleaching treatment, a sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste-gel is applied to the teeth. The entire treatment takes about an hour.

After the procedure is complete, a touch-up kit with custom-made trays is given to the patient for at-home use. This allows the patient to maintain the effect provided by the professional treatment.

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