Magical Weather acquired by weather apps company MeteoGroup

Magical Weather, a beautiful weather app with reliable weather data, has been acquired by MeteoGroup, the company behind the hugely successful weather apps such as WeatherPro and MeteoEarth. 

Magical Weather, developed by Sophiestication, is a stunning weather app for iPad and iPad mini. Striking the perfect balance between presentation and accuracy, Magical Weather provides easy to read weather forecasts for anywhere in the world, set against beautiful graphic displays.

MeteoGroup, Europe’s leading private weather service, has provided the weather data for Magical Weather since it was launched in 2011 and has now acquired the app.

MeteoGroup has developed two best-selling weather apps of its own; WeatherPro, the most comprehensive weather app available, and MeteoEarth, adapted from a professional weather broadcasting tool. User preferences for weather apps vary greatly with some users favouring in-depth data, some looking for interactivity and others preferring beautiful animation and only key weather information. With the addition of Magical Weather to MeteoGroup’s app portfolio, the company now addresses all of these needs. As a lower cost alternative to MeteoGroup’s other apps, Magical Weather is still of the highest quality, both in regards to data and presentation.

David Kaiser, MeteoGroup’s Head of Consumer said: “MeteoGroup’s strategy is to offer quality above all else and this made Magical Weather this perfect fit for us. We’re thrilled to have widened our product portfolio with this stunning weather app.”

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