Alex Fan Moniz delivers a refreshing new book

 “Colours of South Africa”, the latest book by British aurthor Alex Fan Moniz, is a visual and literary journey to present-day South Africa. The writer, who splits his time between different countries, dedicated 15 months to travelling South Africa, photographing and searching inspiration for a this book.

In the end “Colours of South Africa” took shape in the most unusual combination of Nature, faces, places, “all-made-in-South-Africa” images with numerous original poems and short-stories.
Celebrated female poet Makhosazana (Khosi) Xaba participated in this work with five original poems inspired by photographs by Alex Fan Moniz.
Several photographs by The EXPEDITION Project / Maddy Savitt added in a true and authentic representation of all of South Africa’s provinces to the book.

Several of the official languages are also represented in this work, translated from Alex Fan Moniz English originals by a number of native speakers of Zulu, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Tswana and Nama languages.
Amongst them, renowned Dr Nakanjani Sibiya; the most prominent author in isiZulu literature. Also the Pan South African Language Board, sometimes known as PanSALB, facilitated translations into namely the rare Nama-Khoekhoe language, which is spoken only by a few people in Southern Africa today.

Some short-stories were inspired by traditional African tales and legends, assuming a more global dimension.

As the title indicates, the main theme of the book is Colour. The chapters and images are grouped according to Colour classification. Throughout the book, Colour is also associated with states of mind i.e. the colour grey inspires serious, introspective thoughts and feelings, whereas the colour yellow is warm and associated with cheerful subjects and states of mind .

This work is an unusual combination of poetry-short-story-and coffee-table book, with awareness on Nature, Environmental and Social issues of relevance to South Africa and the world afar.

This work was launched last May during Johannesburg’s Sanaa Arts Festival 2013 as part of a select group of different artists from the African Continent. This annual festival pays tribute to Africa’s eclectically talented creative legacy through art, fashion, dance, theatre, film, poetry and music.

The second English edition on paperback and Kindle is now out.

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