Painless Endodontic Treatment with Ballas Endodontist

Today patients are more concerned with preserving their teeth than they were in the past. Extracting teeth and replacing them with substitutes is no longer a viable option for many, which creates a need for professional predictable treatment such as root canal therapy.

Our Office utilizes the most advanced dental technologies such as surgical microscope and digital radiography to ensure best and painless endodontic treatment also known as root canal therapy.

“Root canal is a treatment that is performed almost 60 million times each year. The purpose of endodontic treatment is to restore the tooth to its proper function. The treatment consists of making an access opening into the pulp or nerve chamber through the top of the tooth. The nerve canal is then cleaned, disinfected, enlarged and shaped with sequential files. In order to provide the best treatment for our patients we use the most up-to-date technology and techniques available in endodontics which include surgical microscope and digital radiography”, reported Dr. Fariba Tahmasebi, a reputed endodontist in St. Louis.

Dr. Tahmasebi will often use a surgical microscope to enhance visualization of the treatment area up to 25 times. This technology is especially beneficial for accurate visualization of complex anatomical cases, location of additional canals, and location of root fractures or defects. And digital radiography makes it easier for patients to see and understand the Doctor’s explanation of their case. Also, it reduces the amount of radiation that each patient is exposed to by 90%.

Materials that are used in endodontic treatment offered by Ballas Endodontist are designed to be well tolerated by the body. And the best part of endodontic treatment is its affordability; it is a more cost effective option when compared to extraction and implant or bridge. Endodontic treatment also has a very high success rate, with many root canal treated teeth lasting a full lifetime after the procedure.

About Ballas Endodontist

Ballas Endodontist specializes in root canal therapy and provides the highest standard of professional care in a friendly and comfortable environment. With state-of-the-art practices, patients can expect to receive the same level of care and support that is second to none. For more info, log on to

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