VORE offering Las Vegas Adventure Packages

People never agree on anything, especially when it involves the definition of an awesome and wild adventure of a lifetime. For those people, VORE the leading provider of Las Vegas entertainment packages and race trucks focuses on providing an extreme adventure experience.

VORE tailors packages to anyone seeking an adrenaline rush, whether it may be a corporate team building experience, bachelor party or just some Las Vegas off road adventure.

Their packages include incredible desert tours just outside the Las Vegas strip. Come visit us and experience one of our packages, like VORE’s arrive and drive car racing, VORE’s short course and Raptor programs. “Have you ever been outside of Las Vegas for some desert tours or wanted to take a quick hop and do something fun and exhilarating? We’ll get you wild and dirty in our off road racing short course with our VORE challenge race trucks and you’ll be back in plenty of time to get cleaned up for your night out on the town”, revealed the manager from VORE.

VORE’s Arrive and Drive Racing Programs make racing a reality. If you are planning for a Vegas off road tour and you want to get some hands-on, behind the wheel experience in a real-world truck race environment in Vegas — THEN THIS IS IT! Adrenaline junkies interested in VORE’s arrive and drive racing packages should arrive at our professional Las Vegas’ truck center, get into a VORE truck, and start racing. Participants do not have to worry about truck prep, pit crew, transportation or fuel. VORE takes care of everything. VORE has spent hundreds of development hours, working with only the best in the business to come up with a pro level short course track that allows participants to have the best driving experience available, especially if they are looking for an off-road racing experience in Vegas.

“At Vegas Off Road Experience, “It’s you” who gets behind the wheel to drive the ultimate Las Vegas off road dream machine, the VORE challenge race truck! Strap on your helmet, tighten up your safety belts and feel your pulse quicken as your eyes focus sharply on the road ahead in anticipation. With a push of the ignition switch the fire-breathing engine roars to life and suddenly you’re off for the time of your life”, the manager added finally.

About VORE (Vegas Off Road Experience)

VORE customizes any driving experience in Las Vegas with some very exciting adventure packages. They also offer the VORE challenge race truck that combines super aggressive styling with the most advanced, race-proven technology available to deliver the ultimate off road experience in Las Vegas. For more info, visit http://www.vore.com/

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