NY Dermatologist Dr. Steven Victor Provides Patients with Effective Options for Eliminating Acne

Acne is a widespread condition among adolescents and adults alike. In fact, it is the most common skin disease in the entire country today. Acne and acne scars leave marks on the face and other areas of the body that may dramatically alter an individual’s appearance or affect self-confidence, that does not, however, mean those affected have to live with these disfiguring marks.

Acne can occur anywhere on the body, but it is usually concentrated in places like the face, neck, shoulders, back, or chest. Specific symptoms may include nodules, scarring, blackheads, whiteheads, redness, pustules, cysts, and various other forms of inflammation. These symptoms are not always constant, and often come and go in flare ups due to things like hormones or environment.

Dr. Steven Victor works with his patients to examine and diagnose the details of their condition. Using this information he can recommend an individualized treatment plan to help eliminate their skin condition. A combination of topical treatment, antibiotics, isotretinoin, or oral contraceptives may be used for the treatment plan to reduce oil production, increase skin cell turnover speed, and to reduce inflammation.

If acne is left untreated, it can cause major scarring on the surface of the skin. To treat these marks, Dr. Victor uses a proprietary program that includes a combination of skin fillers (in particular, silicone as it is a permanent filler), and peels and lasers that allow these scars to be diminished quickly and easily leaving the skin clear and luminous. If this cannot completely reverse the damage, Dr. Victor may recommend further treatment, like light peels and non-ablative lasers.

If acne is making you feel self-conscious or affecting your lifestyle in any way, be sure to contact an experienced dermatologist like Dr. Victor. With the right doctor, any patient can improve or eliminate this skin condition and achieve smooth, unblemished skin. If you are interested in dermatological care for acne, you should contact Victor Dermatology and Rejuvenation.

About Dr. Victor

Dr. Steven Victor is a cosmetic dermatologist currently practicing in New York, NY. After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University’s School of Arts and Sciences, he went on to the New York Medical College in Valhalla where he earned his medical degree. After graduating, he completed an internship in Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center, where he was given the title of Intern of the Year of the Emergency Room. Following his internship, he completed a dermatology residency at New York Medical College.

He is also a faculty member in the Lenox Hill Hospital’s Department of Medicine, and has received multiple honors such as the Award of Excellence from the Consumers Research Council of America. He’s pioneered many of today’s popular skin rejuvenation treatments, and his work as been featured in various magazines and television programs. In addition, he’s been a consultant for numerous cosmetic companies, and is active in several professional organizations.

Victor Dermatology and Rejuvenation is located in New York, NY, and can be reached by telephone at (212) 249-3050 or online atwww.victordermatologyandrejuvenation.com.

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