Rocks Jewellers Introduces Ring Builder App; Helps Clients Customise Engagement, Wedding Rings

Rocks Jewellers, one of the top providers of diamond rings in Ireland, proudly introduces its ring builder app, which allows anyone to create the ideal ring they want. The company decided to offer this new service to give customers the power to create and customise the design they want for their rings. The jeweller also shares that they wanted to show their transparency with their pricing. 


Elegant Rings, Excellent User Experience
Rocks Jewellers reveals that developing a ring builder app has always been a part of their plan. Other than continuously expanding and creating their collection of elegant engagement and wedding rings, the company is always hard at work at improving their service before, during, and after sales. “Value is added as we create products that strike a balance between best quality and price,” the jeweller shares. The new app is their way of making it easier for their customers to decide on the ring they want regardless of their budget. 
Experience in the Field, Expertise in Business
Rocks Jewellers maintains that they have so much to offer their customers apart from diamond rings. The company never stops developing their products and enhancing their services. “We respond to customer needs and market trends,” the jewellers share. “We go to fayres to see what is coming down the line. And we chose brands that are in price points and styles that our customer would like.”
New App Features, New Rings Coming Up
The company shares that it is also coming up with new features to improve its functionality and user experience. Rocks Jewellers wants it to be navigable and user-friendly for its customers. The company also adds they have a new line-up of engagement and wedding rings that are expected to come out soon.

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