Dance Schools UK: Laine Theatre Arts Provides Exceptional and Exciting Training Options

 Laine has been helping students achieve their dreams for many years. The dance school combines passion and experience to give students the best possible start in their performing arts careers and specifically works to offer the training needed to enable students to pursue long-term careers.

Laine has spent years developing the learning styles practiced to give students the chance they need to achieve the most from their studies academically and in performance.
Founded in 1974 by Betty Laine, Laine has been recognised as one of the top international dance schools for a number of years. Betty Laine has developed the school to become one of the best dance schools UK bringing together passionate and experienced teachers and choreographers. The aim of the school is to train, nurture, and prepare young stars to enter a lifelong career in performing arts. The dance school combines the most up-to-the-minute performance techniques, training methods, and theatre heritage to enhance the skills of students through practice and performance.
Laine is thriving ahead of alternative dance schools UK offering an enhanced and unique experience. The school takes pride in having a modern and up-to-date studio theatre suitable for practice and in-house productions. Laine holds numerous productions throughout the academic year in a range of styles to help students gain performance experience, confidence, and to introduce students to potential opportunities. The exciting opportunities presented to students see casting agents, directors, theatre managers, and choreographers attend viewings of in-house productions looking for talent. This means students can get the recognition they need to instantly begin a career in performing arts.
The success of Laine is down to the passion and experience bought by the team of teachers, choreographers, and Betty Laine herself. Betty’s successful career in dancing, singing, and acting meant that she could personally bring masses of invaluable experience and the ability to translate what students really need into education with the help of her team. As a result, Laine has become one of the most sought after and recognised dance schools UK.
Laine as a dance school focuses on giving people of all ages the opportunities they want. Recognising the mental and physical benefits of dance, Laine also offers dance classes for adults and children. Adults can attend dance classes in Ballet, Tap, Zumba, and Jazz for enjoyment and to progress. Adults can also enjoy musical theatre and acting classes with no experience necessary with Laine having every base covered for individual needs.
Laine can offer students an exciting and exceptional experience whilst training. Encouraging students to use their skills and talents, Laine works with individuals to enhance their experience and prepare them for a career in the entertainment industry. Laine strives to help students achieve their dreams and the highest possible standard of professionalism putting dance right at the heart.
Laine Theatre Arts offer exceptional and exciting training options for those looking for a career in performing arts. Laine, based in Surrey, is an international phenomenon providing a unique learning experience for students and giving students exceptional chances to pursue a career in the industry. The dance school is passionate and experienced in helping students achieve their dreams.
About Laine Theatre Arts: If you would like to know more about Laine Theatre Arts you can visit their website at Alternatively, you can call them on +44 (0)1372 724648 or email

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