Grand designs help Brits fulfil garden desires

With many Brits developing expensive tastes in their interiors, gardens are helping the exterior of properties to get a similarly lavish makeover.

As the boundary between indoors and outdoors blurs in many people’s properties – through the introduction of conservatories, summer houses, patio doors and outdoor dining terraces – so more householders are extending their aspirations for lavish interiors into their outside space as well.

Recent research by insurance company Aviva1 found that over a quarter of a million homes across the UK are now on the market with particulars that describe them as having a high-spec interior – and that figure is drawn from a sample of five million properties currently for sale, meaning the actual total could be higher.

In some cases, however, it is not the interior, but the exterior that is the selling point of a home – 12% of properties in Greater London that are described as ‘high-spec’ mention having a garden among their key features, catering for the desire to find a bit of private outdoor space in the city.

More than half of these mention that the garden is south-facing, meaning it should receive direct sunlight for longer on a normal day; 28% specifically describe the garden as large; and 7% describe it as ‘beautiful’ or ‘attractive’.

With a growing number of properties going on the market with high-spec features, you might want to pay a little extra attention to your garden, in order to avoid losing out on the potential market value of your home.

Glass balustrades can add a visually striking, appealing and functional element to a landscaped garden – particularly if you have a raised terrace or patio area that would benefit from having a guardrail along its edge.

Unlike some other materials, glass will not shut out any light, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted views across the lower portion of your garden, without any claustrophobic feeling arising from being surrounded by opaque walls or fences.

1Brits tempted by a taste for grand interior designs, Aviva, June 2013

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