Benefits of sun salutation –

Sun salutation is an important part of yoga. It is one of the simplest yoga routines, and a splendid way to get started with yoga if you are a total newbie. Like all yoga, Surya Namaskara or sun salutation is a whole-body exercise. A full cycle which includes the 12 aasanas of surya namaskara, tasks and consolidates pretty much every muscle, connecting tissue and bone, in the body.

Traditionally, it has been accomplished in the morning, lining the rising sun. Though the reason for this is that the exercise is carried out in honor of the Sun God, it evokes with the medical advice that exposing your body to gentle sunlight in mornings produces more vitamin D; Vitamin D is essential in building stronger and denser bones. Due to its nature as a muscle-stretching exercise, it is an ideal way to accelerate recovery from earlier exercise sessions. It can be accomplished as a stretching routine after weight-bearing exercises. But this is also a weight-bearing exercise in itself, it should preferably be carried out on its own, or more static stretches should be added after it.


• Effective exercise for muscle gain and weight loss, as well as general fitness.
• Regularly performing helps slow down the effects of aging.
• Improves flexibility
• Relieves minor to moderate back problems
• Enhances blood circulation
• Increases lung capacity
• Aid stress relief
• Keeps depression away

It unarguably has an overall positive and ‘healing’ effect on the whole body, and definitely doesn’t harm or hinder any bodily process.

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