Exercise can help manage Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a momentous degenerative disease that influences the joints. It emerges most commonly in the lower extremities which includes the ankles and knees.

The reason why the lower extremities are favoured is due to the enormous amount of stresses encountered each day. Despite its high prevalence it can be prevented through simple exercises.
The studies concluded that it can be prevented by exercising. Light exercises such as walking are able to effectively minimize the development of it while heavy ones can lead to an increase. Exercising frequently helps to preclude muscle atrophy and this is advantageous for those suffering from degenerative joint problems. Patients who complain of pain while exercising should consider aquatic-based exercises which are pain free due to the buoyancy of water

• Flexibility exercises
The aim of flexibility exercises is to increase mobility in the joints, increase blood flow to the region and reduce stiffness.

• Leg stretch
Sit down on the floor and bend your knees while holding the soles together. Hold your ankles firmly and slowly push your knee down using your elbow. You will be able to feel a stretch on the inner part of your leg. Remember to do this slowly or you risk pulling your quad muscles.

• Lower back stretch
Lie flat on a piece of yoga mat whilst extending your legs. Get into a position similar to when you are doing crunches but instead of holding your ankles, hold your knee. Pull your knees towards you at a slow but consistent pace while maintaining proper breathing techniques.

• Low impact aerobic exercises
Low impact aerobic exercises such as swimming and cycling are gentle on your joints yet improving your cardiovascular function effectively.
There is no effective cure for osteoarthritis yet and the only way is to manage it with medication and exercises in an attempt to live with the pain and go on with your life.

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