CurlyBit Offering Quality Solutions in Mobile Application Development Services in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC

Nowadays, most people across the USA depends on their smartphones and smartphone apps to access the information that they seek. Ranging from hotel reservation to ticket booking, navigation to shopping cart, music to education, and much more; there is an app for almost every need.

For businesses who would always like to address their customers, and at the same time who would always like to get their hands on forefront innovation of technology; opting for a mobile app have become must. A dedicated mobile app for business allows it to address the customers, increase market presence and credibility, provide better level of customer service, increase sales, etc. Apart from that it also allows the businesses to effectively and efficiently manage their business processes as there several business specific apps such as inventory management, accounting, integrated CRM, web CMS integration, GPS tracking, and more.

However, thinking about an app for the business and getting it developed is two completely different aspects after all. One has to be thorough with the various mobile app development Software Development Kits (SDKs) to achieve this. This is why businesses prefer to hire the help of a professional mobile app development company who can comprise their need. But even to achieve this, businesses have to consider a lot of things such as experience of the company, expertise, credibility, affordability, and of course quality.

CurlyBit is one such professional mobile application development company based in Virginia, with branches in Maryland and Washington DC that is focused to offer quality solutions in mobile application development. They have over years of experience and are boasted with a team of professional mobile app developers. Besides, they have successfully executed numerous app development projects for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone devices, and also have a vast portfolio for the same.

Additionally, their firm also possesses expertise on cross platform mobile app development technologies such as Sencha, PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium etc., which allows them to offer a solution with a single app that can work flawlessly on all mobile devices. This allows their client to save a huge amount of money and time on developing separate app for separate devices. Most importantly they ensure to offer quality solutions with an app that performs smoothly, easy to use and understand, rich in quality and design, and in-budget and on-time.

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