Prostate cancer hormone treatment can cause kidney failure

 According to a new study hormone therapy for prostate cancer may dramatically increase a man’s risk of kidney failure. Use of androgen deprivation therapy was tied to a 250 percent increase in a man’s chances of suffering acute kidney injury. Androgen deprivation therapy uses medication or surgery to reduce the amount of male hormones in a man’s body, which then causes prostate cancer cells to grow or shrink more slowly. It is a therapy normally reticent for advanced cases of prostate cancer.

These new findings that tie hormone therapy to acute kidney injury and a rapid loss of kidney function with a 50 percent mortality rate should prompt doctors to think twice before using this therapy to treat prostate cancer patients at little risk of dying from the disease.

There is a big debate over who should receive androgen deprivation therapy, and the timing of its use. In patients whose prostate cancer has spread, the benefits overpoise the risk, but now there’s this jump to using [androgen deprivation therapy] in patients who would not typically die from prostate cancer. In that group of patients, the risks might outbalance the benefit. They did find what would appear to be a fairly strong association between androgen deprivation treatment and acute kidney injury

Prostate cancer patients who received androgen deprivation therapy were 2.5 times more plausible to suffer kidney failure. Their risk of acute kidney injury particularly increased if they received a combined androgen blockade, a therapy that uses several hormone-suppression methods to drastically decrease male and female hormone levels in the body. Testosterone and estrogen have been shown to play an important role in renal [kidney] function. It appears that testosterone has vessel-dilating effects, and estrogen has a preventive effect against renal injury.

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