Disturbing images of Nigella Lawson published – why did no one intervene?

 In shocking images released over one weekend in June, millionaire art dealer Mr. Saatchi was seen to be grasping his wife’s neck as they sat outdoors at a Mayfair restaurant frequented by London’s elite. He and Mrs. Nigella Lawson had been celebrating his birthday, but he appeared to be grabbing her neck and flicking her nose, before she left looking distressed. Nigella Lawson is a food writer, chef and daughter of politician Nigel Lawson.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said that they were aware of the images and are looking into the case. However Mrs. Lawson had not taken any action. Mr. Saatchi has since been interviewed voluntarily and has been cautioned for assault.

Tina Royles is the UK’s leading domestic violence expert with over 20 years’ experience on the frontline and on a strategic level. She provides domestic violence counselling and consultancy to individuals and organisations. She says:

“Words can be used, and are often used by a perpetrator of domestic violence and abuse to dismiss the impact of their actions, because to reflect on their actions, to take responsibility and to own their actions would mean that a perpetrator has to look inwards at themselves and to deal with their own vulnerabilities and emotions and to change. For some perpetrators they are unwilling to take ownership and look to blaming others or to minimising the impact and instead make excuses.”

Notes to Editors

Tina Royles is one of the UK’s most qualified and experienced domestic violence experts providing consultancy and advice to those who have suffered domestic violence, are currently in violent relationships or to friends and family of those affected. Tina provides the domestic violence information, materials and tools to manage relationship difficulties and domestic violence through awareness and education and is regularly called upon by the national and local press to provide expert comments on high profile cases. To find out more about what domestic violence is, click here . Visit Tina Royles website to find out more about domestic violence and the resource available to individuals and organisations.

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