Over Priced Gold leads a gush in artificial jewelry sale!!

Max 350Jewelry is a mode of enhancing beauty and also used as a means of saving in India. Gold traditionally has been the favorite metal in jewelry. It’s ornamental nature in weddings and augmentation of one’s social standing has always lured Indians in every nook and corner of the country.

Though gold has always been the first choice amongst jewelry but to hold gold in various designs and combinations is literally not possible as its quite expensive. Also there is a security issue in holding gold at home these days with crime rates soaring high day by day. Keeping gold in a bank locker is the latest trend in India which gives you very less options when you have to urgently dress up for a party or a function. 
So with gold rates hovering around Rs. 2700 per gram you can see a number of brides to be;wearing imitation earrings, necklaces and bangles that cost a tenth of the price of gold, flouting a millennium old Indian tradition that brides wear the precious metal only.
Indian families, the world’s biggest buyers of gold, are canceling purchases before the peak wedding season because prices have touched a record high in India, putting traditional bridal sets out of reach. That’s prompted sales of imitation, gold-plated, silver and brass gem-encrusted jewelry, designed to match the bride’s wedding saris.
Households in India have 20,000 tons locked away in family vaults, almost double the reserves held by the U.S. Federal Reserve, according to consultant McKinsey & Co. That’s worth about $476 billion at current prices after gold has gained for seven straight years.
The general view is that people notice how coordinated the Bride’s clothes and jewelry are, and not really bother whether those earrings are fake or real!
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