NewVision Clinics Offers $500 off for Laser Eye Treatment to Deliver More Value to Clients

With a major breakthrough in eye laser surgery, the Melbourne-based clinic is offering a new option to share their vision on delivering excellent eye treatment results.

To help patients find a new way of seeing clearly, NewVision Clinics offers $500 off for laser eye treatment when the patient has an assessment and laser vision correction by 31st October 2013. The discount is based on the total costs. 
New Option for Vision Assistance
NewVision Clinics, the eye and vision specialist in Melbourne, offers $500 off for laser eye treatments to continue delivering highest quality care to its patients. In continuation of their vision on upholding excellent eye treatment results, NewVision Clinics shares their plan on upgrading the laser technology that they use in correcting vision and eye treatment. Through this, their team of experienced optometrists will continue to provide patients a thorough eye exam and comprehensive consultation. Apart from providing patients excellent eye exam and consultation, the company highlights their tools and measurement techniques that they use in checking the quality of vision of their patients for general ocular health.
Integrated Eye Care
With their special offer, NewVision Clinics aims to have more people enjoy the benefits of its laser eye treatment. The company shares that its medical procedure uses innovative laser light, instead of a scalpel, to remove tissue. This gives patients peace of mind with their procedure, knowing that it is safer and non-invasive. NewVision Clinics also takes pride in using the latest techniques and only the best equipment to deliver effective results to clients.
Delivering Highest Quality Care
Other than its medical techniques and equipment, NewVision Clinics is also proud to deliver the highest quality of service to their patients. The company shares that all of its professional healthcare providers are registered and trained in accordance with professional guidelines. NewVision Clinics also adds that they have been performing laser eye surgery for years and delivering life-changing results to thousands of patients. With their team of experienced optometrists, they make sure that their patients are in expert, caring hands. The company pointed out that they strive continuously to improve their knowledge of industry regulations and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

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