Destination Wedding Photographers You Can Trust

The team of photographers from A Day of Bliss Wedding Photography are off this month on a tour of Europe, capturing weddings and events in the ethereal destinations of Northern Italy and Austria.

Esteemed photojournalist Wolfgang Freithof has been photographing events like these for more than thirty years – positions earned from experience, superior customer service, and an ability to produce world-class images for a wide range of clientele. 

Destination Wedding Photography, although seemingly glamorous on the outset, necessitates extreme technical know-how, an understanding of cultural norms, and top of the line adaptability. Successfully capturing a wedding in a foreign location requires hours of research concerning local customs, the location of the ceremony, and the necessary permits on top of everything else which could happen while traveling. Wolfgang Freithof and Chiaki Sato from A Day of Bliss know how to expertly handle flight delays, maneuver essential photographic equipment through customs, and prepare sufficiently for your wedding so that the final product is everything you’ve dreamt of.

If the wedding you’re planning is in New York City, Vienna, or in another extraordinary location anywhere in the world – don’t just leave the quality of your wedding photography to fate. For this once in a lifetime event, you have the option of bringing along someone you can trust – a team of photographers with decades of experience who will immortalize this supremely special time in your life. With A Day of Bliss Destination Wedding Photography, you can rest assured that you’re getting the quality you deserve – the absolute best.
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