The Role of Business Analysis for Corporations and Small Businesses

Business Analysis is a crucial component for any corporation as well as small to medium sized companies. An analyzer is someone who can study consumer trends and help a company make the best decisions in regards to products, services and marketing. While some companies have an in-house staff of consultants, others recruit freelance analyzers for a one-time project.

While there are many business analyst companies that outsource their service, one particular company that stands out is Anisan Technologies. This is a company with a diverse pool of analysts who are versed in different industries. This may range from expert knowledge in the field of IT, retail or marketing. By contacting the agency, you will be paired with a consulting agent who is the right fit for your specific industry and business model.

Anisan is headed by Sandhya Jane, and the company’s mission is to provide customized and cost effective solutions that are personalized to each business’ specific needs. Every business receives a customized solution since no two companies, even those in the same industry, are exactly alike. The agency utilizes the latest research technology to define trends, which enables companies to make informed decisions based on cutting edge information and studies.

Aside from providing consultants, it also provides training for those interested in becoming one themselves. Its certified business analyst course is a five day training program; students learn basic foundation skills, such as software development, business modeling, prototyping, enterprise analysis, and solution assessment and validation. The program is excellent for those who want to add a little extra padding to their resume as well as those who are seriously contemplating a career in business analysis.

Aside from its foundational business analysis course, Anisan also provides the following courses:

•Data Analysis – This two day training program covers the basics of data analysis. It also covers training on tools available and how to check for data quality. This course is for those who have a preexisting background in business analysis or have at least completed the certified business analysis course under Anisan.

•Green Business Analysis – This is a brief one day course that covers methods for implementing green solutions and technology to help reduce the cost of business operations.

•Domain Training – Domain refers to very specific sectors of an industry, such as handling utilities, insurance, manufacturing, telecom, retail and transportation. Having experience in these fields enable consultants to address solutions pertaining to specific domains within an industry.

•Advanced Certificate in Business Analysis – This is an advanced course designed for those in the management sector of business. This is an extensive year-long course that is taken on the weekends.

Business analysis is such an integral part of running a company. With increasing competition, it is imperative that companies are able to capitalize on the latest technology for increasing work productivity and return of investment. With demand for business consultants on the rise, more people are looking to business analysis as a lucrative career move. More jobs are opening in the field as companies are always on the lookout for consultants with the right level of skill and expertise.

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