Trade Squad Offers an On-Call Handyman for Coventry Homes & Businesses

Trade Squad is offering an on-call handyman for Coventry homes and businesses. To address emergencies at any time of day, a member of the Handy Squad is readily available for dispatch within the city and its surrounding areas.

The ultimate goal of the Handy Squad is to prevent further damage in an emergency situation. As such, the team ensures that each handyman is punctual in attending to the needs of customers. To ensure an efficient service and to meet the desired outcome, they make it a point to gather relevant information about the preferences of the customer prior to starting the job.

The team is also committed to addressing the problem within the allotted time frame. Although they emphasise promptness, they do not compromise on the quality of their work. Each handyman employed by Trade Squad has undergone extensive training to provide a long-lasting solution to any kind of problem.

To prevent recurring problems, the team utilises industry-grade materials when replacing parts to maintain the original quality of equipment. Using the latest technologies, they attend to the main cause of the problem in order for things to function normally. The Handy Squad offers a wide range of services, which includes moving furniture, changing bulbs, resealing baths and sinks, cable tidying, and baby proofing, among others.

Aside from handyman services, Trade Squad also provides facilities management services in Coventry for both commercial and residential properties. The service covers planned maintenance for businesses and odd jobs within residences. For more information, visit

About Trade Squad Ltd.

The company offers a full range of solutions under property management and handyman services, such as electrics, tiling, locks, plumbing, and carpentry. Given their 20-plus years of experience, many customers have relied on them and even recommend them to their friends and family. Their typical clients include student accommodations, retailers, care homes, and more.

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