Wrongful Death Lawyers Sponsor Black Gold Boom Documentary

The Spence Law Firm, which counts an experienced North Dakota wrongful death lawyer among their distinguished members, is sponsoring the interactive documentary Black Gold Boom: How Oil Changed North Dakota. They invite their clients and other interested parties to watch the documentary at any time.

A joint effort of independent producer Todd Melby, Prairie Public, Zeega, and the Association of Independents in Radio, Inc., Black Gold Boom features video clips and stories of how North Dakota’s oil and energy boom has affected residents in the state. Among the stories include “Bacon Ends of the Ladies Petroleum Club”, “View from the Air” by photographer Ben Garvin, and “Fight Night in Crude Country”.

The documentary also outlines several developments in major oil producing areas. It cites the increase in felonies especially in the McKenzie and William Counties, as reported by the North Dakota Attorney General. It also mentions accounts of oil spills caused by certain companies as well as complications due to field accidents. With the slippery and potentially hazardous nature of oil fields, the risk of mishaps and injuries is always present.

Through the documentary, The Spence Law Firm provides pointers and suggestions for individuals who encounter accidents in North Dakota’s oil rich areas. In addition, the practice offers their services to those who are seeking assistance and representation in personal injury or negligence claims. R. Daniel Fleck, the group’s North Dakota wrongful death lawyer, also helps with civil rights and trucking accident cases.

Parties who are looking for a dedicated http://spencelawyersnd.com/expertise/north-dakota-car-accident-lawyers/ or work-related injuries attorney can visit www.SpenceLawyersND.com today.

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Founded by renowned trial attorney Gerry Spence, the Spence Law Firm and their professionals are committed to defending the rights of individuals who have been materially and physically harmed by negligent acts and practices. They attend to personal injury claims as well as workplace and auto accident cases.

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