Interior design changes every year, but what is in this year?

This year is no exception. In 2013, the mood has really changed. Cold, bland tones and finishes are out and warm russets and browns are in.

Home accessories, made of metal, finish off the warmer look of modern interiors. Especially popular are accessories made from brass, which blend in particularly well with the warm, earthy colours that are far more common in 2013. This has brought a wave of traffic to websites like, who sell brass accessories and home furnishings.

As the name of the company suggests they specialise in selling items made of brass. In particular, they sell door furniture. They have specialised in this small niche for many decades and today they stock literally hundreds of different items made from brass. The firm sells mainly door handles, designed for both interior and exterior doors. However, they also stock brass cupboard handles, window furnishings and electrical fittings, such as light switches and plugs. It is even possible to buy brass stair rods from them.

Because they are so specialised they have managed to build a good business, becoming the go to place for brass furnishings. However, recently their business has soared as more people seek out brass furnishings to finish off their homes.

Brass is seen as a luxury item
Brass is a lovely material that can be finished and crafted in a range of ways. This makes it extremely versatile, which is why it has never fallen out of fashion entirely. The styling has changed, but brass is durable and always looks good, so is a material that interior designers like to work with.

Interestingly, as the price of brass has risen demand for it has also grown. People like to have nice things in their homes. They appreciate a touch of luxury, and brass ticks the box. As the price has risen, so brass has been seen as more and more luxurious. The World of Brass has managed to keep their prices low, because of the connections they have built up after over a decade in business. Naturally, this has helped them to secure more sales than many of their competitors.

World of Brass
England, UK
Tel: 01204 304681
Email: Online form

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