World Packaging Offers Selection of High-Quality Stretch Wrap Film

World Packaging Inc. is offering their selection ofhigh-quality stretch wrap film products. Reliable and effective, the film is especiallywell-suited for warehouse distribution work, particularly in holding and securing stacks of boxes on a pallet.

In any manufacturing facility, a high level of production requires the use of pallets during the warehouse storage and distribution phases to keep materials organized. With the use of durable stretch wrap film, cartons canbe tightly secured on a pallet as well as sufficiently protected from dust, moisture, tampering, and theft.

The linear low-density polyethylene composition of the filmallows it to be shaped using blown and cast methods. The former features a slower yet more expensive process whereas the resin is melted, blown out, and finally air-cooled. On the other hand, the latter method’s production time is significantly faster and costs less because the film is createdby melding multiple layers. The cast process is also the preferred choice for commercial applications in today’s market.

In addition, the company offers an extensive line of carton sealing tape made from pressure-sensitive material coupled with advanced adhesive technology. Available variants include, machine-length products, and no-noise tape.

World Packaging takes pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction in all of their products. With a large assortment of top notch supplies in their inventory such as high-durability poly strapping, garbage bags, mailers, copy paper, paper towels, and many others, clients are assured of an abundance of reliable and cost-effective options to choose from.

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About World Packaging Inc.

With over 50 years of industry experience, the company offers a comprehensive range of packaging, shipping, and janitorial products. Apart from affordable pricing and generous discounts, they also feature easy order options and fast turnaround time on all shipments. Their professional and well-trained team caters to a diverse set of residential and commercial clients.

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