Xynergy Health Products Offers Organic Sun Warrior Protein Powder

Xynergy Health Products, the trusted provider of -natural super foods and supplements, is offering a selection of Sun Warrior protein powder for vegans. With meat being the traditional source of protein, the Sunwarrior Company developed the powder so vegans and vegeterians can have a viable, natural, and trusted source of the nutrient.

It is highly recommended for people to consume raw fruit, fish, vegetables, nuts, and seeds to still get the vitamins and minerals that cooking eliminates. In an article in the Daily Mail, however, Ian Marber, co-founder of London’s Food Doctor Nutrition Clinic, shares that this may not always be ideal. Marber states, “A diet made up of raw food and nothing else is unhealthy because we are not getting all the protein and carbohydrates found in other groups of food such as meat and whole grains.”

To address this, Xynergy offers the plant-based Sunwarrior Classic Protein and Warrior Blend products. Sunwarrior combines both the endosperm and bran from raw sprouted whole grain brown rice to produce the Classic Protein. Being a natural source of vitamins and minerals, the product contains high amounts of antioxidants, tocopherols, tocotrienols, and other essential nutrients.

The Warrior Blend, on the other hand, is made utilizing a cold extraction process with dynamic fusion, and from various protein-rich source, including Pea, Cranberry and Hemp. As a result, the powder features higher branch chain amino acids than any other plant-based protein. Containing the unique protein Edestin, the powder helps strengthen antibodies, enzymes, hormones, and other body structures.

Xynergy also offers wheat grass powder a superfood antioxidant, skin and hair care products, superfoods, ayurverdic supplements, and more. To view their selection, visit www.Xynergy.co.uk.

About Xynergy Health Products

Since their establishment in 1979, the company has become one of the pioneering suppliers of natural health products. Through the years, they have been relied on by many health enthusiasts to provide high-quality health foods and natural skincare products.

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