Get the perfect and highest quality brands of skate bearing from Modus Bearing

Looking for skateboarding? Then Modus Bearings is right choice to get the perfect and highest quality brand of skate bearing. Modus bearings offer you the widest range of skateboard bearings available.

They have what you need to cater for your love of skateboarding. When you start skating, you need to a smooth, refined set up (set up = complete skateboard) as skateboarding is risky, especially for beginners. The skate wheel bearing is the most important accessories of skateboard and Modus Bearing offers the best skate bearings.

It is good to shop from online store because by purchasing the skateboard bearing or long board bearing online you can also save your time and money in your shopping.

Modus bearings are the one of the best-known companies in the world for providing skate bearings. Here you will find the most convenient way to buy items for skateboarding. They offer you the varieties of bearings, each which has brilliant features. The company manufactures bearings: Swiss bearing, ABEC bearings (ABEC rated), modus blacks, titanium’s and ceramics! The ABEC bearing refers to an ABEC scale rated as ABEC 3’s, ABEC 5’s, ABEC 7’s and more. You can get bearings according to your need of rips.

Modus are manufactured to the same standards as that of Bones Bearings, Bones Reds and Bones Swiss, but are generally more affordable. Modus Bearings’ team feature guns such as Grant Taylor and Dennis Durrant. Bugs Fardell joins a bunch of the international riders in a couple of week for their upcoming NZ & Aus tour.

Modus are available in your region through the given countries distributors such as to UK, USA, Austria, Germany, Singapore, Japan, France, South Korea and more. You can find them contact by visiting their site at


Company Name: Modus Bearings
Address: FIVEFOOT4
PO BOX 1965
PHONE +61 (0) 8 9225 7180

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