ISG technology’s developers won NASA Space Apps Challenge People’s Choice Award

Members of ISG technology’s Software Development team, Pavel Kolev, Atanas Keranov and Kiril Nikolov are part of the team that won the People’s Choice Award for NASA’s Space Apps Challenge.

The competition was the biggest developers’ event to date with more than 9,000 hackers, designers and explorers from 83 cities from around the world. A total of 770 solutions were submitted and only 134 were chosen for the final round.

A panel of judges, including representatives from NASA, ISA and a number of other organizations, picked the most outstanding applications and announced the winners this week.
The application developers from ISG technology won the People’s Choice with an application called ChicksBook, which helps you learn how to raise chickens and manage the data for your own backyard farm.

The winners will receive Spaceflight Training at the NASA Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, as well as invitations to the Kennedy Space Centre to view the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission (MAVEN) launch.

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