Sea levels created impact on tropical climate during concluding Ice Age

The meteorological department forecasts that weather conditions of the preset as well as future conditions, but also makes a glimpse on the past record of the climatic conditions which was influenced by certain factors that created a huge impact on it.

There were many potential research teams that have effectively analyzed the geological clues & these were commonly termed as proxies, displaying the patterns of the rainfall. These studies were conducted during the period when the planet was set to cool efficiently in the concluding part of ice age. The land clues which involved the charcoal that was derived from the fires, even the aspects of the existence of the sand dunes, depleted water bodies etc all indicated dry situations; whereas the presence of profound lakes have indicated humid & moisture conditions.

The reports have been older than a considerable duration wherein the conditions are ought to be enough drier according to the Indo-Pacific region, this was considered as the warm water which formed to be the pivotal source of moisture as well as heat in the western Pacific region. The conditions of the moisture especially dominated the contrary side of the hot pool.

They even set these issues for the comparison with the consequences from 12 various climatic models that contained the mathematical element in them & which fundamentally influenced the climatic conditions on the planet. These basically included the laws of the physics, chemistry, fluid dynamics that mostly circulated the air, sea & land cooperation. It was later revealed that the impact of ice age possessed the potential ability to enhance the climatic conditions which were far different from the present one. This mainly contributed due to the presence of immense lower levels of the sea & thereby it stimulated the efficient changes in the tropical climatic conditions. The geological clues have therefore improvised the routes that diagnose the ability of prediction of rainfall in the tropical areas.

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