Aussie Man & Van Illustrates How AusPods Are Making A Difference

More of us are turning to self-storage when moving house or decluttering because we have too many belongings. Yet self-storage is an incredibly expensive way of housing your items, with some companies charging as much as £65 plus VAT per week for 35sq foot of storage*.

However, there is now a much cheaper way of doing it. London man and van removals firm, Aussie Man & Van is launching the AusPod – the self-storage solution costing only £17 plus VAT per week for the same amount of space.

Mark Prout, managing director of Aussie Man & Van, says: ‘There is a notion that self-storage is cheap but until now, it hasn’t been. People underestimate how much they need and the advertised prices are usually for a space no bigger than the size of a phone box.

‘Some self-storage companies will offer a discount for the first month but watch out as the cost will jump significantly after this introductory period.’

The AusPod

The mystery shop
Aussie Man & Van, one of the leading man van London service conducted a mystery shop to illustrate just how much cheaper it is to use an AusPod for self-storage.

Self-storage providers were asked how much it would cost to store a large sofa, two armchairs, a chest of drawers, a small desk and eight medium-sized boxes of books. Big Yellow in Staples Corner quoted £34.80 per week including VAT, with a 50 per cent discount for the first eight weeks. Access Self Storage in Cricklewood quoted £29.08 per week, including VAT. But Safestore Camden quoted the highest prices: £78 per week, including VAT, with a 50 per cent discount for the first four weeks.

Prout continues: ‘Self-storage companies argue that they charge a premium because their depots are in prime locations and that you can access your storage seven days a week. However, as long as you give us 24 hours’ notice, we can give you access to your belongings at no added cost, while saving you a significant sum on the amount you pay to store your items in the first place.’

Aussie Man & Van customers don’t even have to drop off their belongings at the company’s secure warehouse in west London. For convenience, the AusPod can be delivered to your home, packed by professional packers, sealed and transported to the storage facility. There is no need for customers to hire transport or pack the AusPod themselves, which will ensure items aren’t broken and as much space is utilised as possible.

Prout adds: ‘Customers are bound to ask: how can you offer storage so much cheaper than your competitors? The answer is we get much better use out of our warehouse and can utilise up to 95 per cent of the space when stacking the AusPods. Unlike the big self-storage companies, we don’t have expensive fit-out costs either.’

For more information, contact Aussie Man & Van on 0203 405 2000 or visit

About Aussie Man & Van

Aussie Man & Van is a man and van removals business based in London. It handles more than 200 moves a week, from individuals to large companies, as well as providing storage at far cheaper rates than the big self-storage companies. Aussie Man & Van is owned by Anthony Ward Thomas, the specialist home removals and secure storage company.

For further information, please contact:
Melanie Bien
t. 07875 175357

* Price quoted is for 35sq ft of storage at Safestore, Camden. The cost works out at £65 plus VAT per week for a 35sq ft container, although there is a 50 per cent discount for the first four weeks. Minimum stay required is four weeks.

Aussie Man & Van charges £17 plus VAT per week for the AusPod, which offers 250 cubic feet of storage.

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