Australian buildings have access to the best gutter guard solution from Aqualex Gutter Protection

For Australian homeowners in search of reliable gutter guards, Aqualex Gutter Protection, a leading gutter guard manufacturer from Australia guarantees the best gutter protection. The company deals in locally manufactured, premium quality only.

Aqualex is a family owned & operated business which was established in 2006 by seasoned engineer toolmaker Mr JPM Jenkins.

“Aqualex was engineered to outperform every other leaf and pest gutter guard product available in the market and we believe we certainly do so. We assure you that only premium grade mesh is used for our gutter guards which are designed to ensure advanced functionality & sleek styling. Drawing on our combined experience of over 60 years, we spent more than 2 years designing, engineering & developing our products to offer a truly superior gutter guard that provides exceptional durability & outstanding performance.”, offered Managing Director James Jenkins in a recent conversation about the birth of Aqualex’s gutter guard.

Aqualex gutter guard products are compatible with almost every conceivable roof type. The gutter guard which is manufactured in Melbourne, Victoria comes packed with a great deal of advanced features which are typically not available with other regular gutter protection.

Aqualex gutter guards not only stop pine needles, leaves & gumnuts but also assist homeowners with the collection of clean rainwater. The company manufactures a unique diamond profile for its mesh and uses only high grade fireproof aluminium that is durable, strong and easy to install.

Aqualex Gutter Protection provides fit and forget systems that are possum, vermin, bird and ember proof. They are secure, simple to install and come with eco-friendly natural protective coatings. They can assure you of a professional and friendly installation service for their all-in-one preformed patented panel system or DIY installation assistance is also available.

Aesthetics were also not forgotten in the design phase and with a large range of standard colours as well as colour matched powder coating, in most cases Aqualex gutter protection remains almost invisible from street level.

The Aqualex gutter guards are made to fully comply with BAL Building Regulations.

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