LA Addiction Specialist Says Customized Private Sessions help with an Alcohol Free Life

For those trying hard to come out of alcohol addiction, LA addiction specialist, Dr. Marc Kern has assured of a better life through effective alcohol addiction management. The distinguished clinical psychologist focuses on customized private counseling sessions in his alcohol treatment Los Angeles clinic.

Dr. Kern is practicing with more than 3 decades of professional experience as clinic psychologist & addiction specialist. The doctor has met with high success in treating several patients suffering from alcohol addiction and other self-sabotaging issues such as drugs, gambling, smoking, pornography etc.

Dr. Marc supports the clients with an extensive range of life managing tools that would help them in managing their negative attitude & behavior & in turn would take them towards a happier & more productive life.

“Dr. Kern had his own painful stints with addiction & consequent life problems. He came up with Addiction Alternatives (Habit Rehab) while thinking about alternatives to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) as he found AA & other such 12-step addiction treatment programs ineffective for him & many others”, said the spokesperson while speaking about the concept behind Dr. Marc’s addition treatment endeavor.

“Dr. Marc is known for his in-depth personal understanding regarding addiction and he is into the constant study & practice of latest research based treatments which would help the patients”, the spokesperson added.

The expert LA addiction specialist shows the patients how to stop drinking through moderation & self-control. Custom private one to one sessions offered to ensure privacy and tailor made counseling for each of the patients as per their specific needs.

Dr. Marc himself reviews all the information sent by the patient regarding their problems before starting on the sessions. “He would assess your dependency on alcohol, readiness for the change, the possible obstacles & support systems. He will assist you to realize the development of the problem & its gradual escalation within you – he will then advise on sensible strategies to quit alcohol fully or moderate the consumption through customized plan. One session is usually enough to help in controlling of your cravings firmly”, the spokesperson added further.

Private Sessions are available through phone or internet as well. For more, visit

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