Santa Barbara Home Improvement Company Offers Wood Flooring Services

Giani Construction, an established provider of services for home improvement in Santa Barbara, is offering to install and refinish all kinds of wooden flooring.

Providing clients with options such as hardwood, laminate, or engineered wood, the company offers complete services to ensure that homes have floors of the highest quality.

Floors wear easily depending on the materials they were made of and on whether or not they were built on a clean and level surface. Though these may look smooth and durable after initial construction, they can shortly become weak and weathered when placed on sub-standard framework. When built with low-quality materials, they are bound to be replaced sooner than expected.

As a reliable provider of home flooring in Ventura, CA, Giani Construction offers all the necessary services to guarantee that the best possible floors will be installed in a home. The company meticulously inspects existing floors and their respective frameworks to determine if a new installation is indeed necessary. If not, they may simply conduct repairs or refinishing.

For clients who decide to have a new flooring framework installed, Gianni Construction can professionally design and construct these to match the style of their home. They can upgrade existing wooden floors that are in good condition or implement a new sub-floor all together. The company ensures surfaces are level before installation and replaces old frameworks with moisture sealed concrete.

They provide options including oak hardwood floors, which are known to be highly durable. These come in different shades such as red and white. The company also offers economical choices such as wood laminates, which look like wood and require almost no maintenance, and engineered wood, which features both the advantages of hardwood and laminate.

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About Giani Construction

The company offers services such as kitchen and bath remodeling, plumbing, electrical work, flooring, and more. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, owner Giani Pirva leads the company in serving homeowners in areas such as Ventura, Calabasas, and Santa Barbara.

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