Rumors about Sony Playstation 4 and the Release Date

Even as Playstation 3 refuses to surprise us, there’s been a lot of buzz around the release of its latest version Sony Playstation4. But when’s the release date? Undoubtedly the most searched question on Google has no definite answers. But the common consensus is late 2012. Of course, Sony is not ready to confirm or deny these rumors. Manufacturers have recently released a press statement denying all rumors on the internet.

Whatever is the date, it’s got to be soon or Wii 2 is sure to steal the thunder from Sony. Latest reports from Nintendo have confirmed rumors that Project Café, the playable model of the new Wii 2 will make its appearance around June at the E3 show that takes place from June 7 to 9.

“Playstation fans are waiting with bated breath for the latest version of the game. This comes in the wake of Sony admitting that games currently in the market haven’t even tried to tap half of its potential. Playstation 4 has indeed raised a lot of hopes for people waiting to decipher what this latest gizmo has to offer,” says the spokesperson for Sony PS4 Gaming, an informative site that aims to provide news, rumors and information about PS4.

The rumored release date for Playstation 4 is more in line with the earlier trend of its releasing its earlier Playstation games. The first Playstation was released in late 1995 throughout the world (except Japan), the second console was launched in 2000, thus giving a decent gap of 6 years for the first console. If this pattern is true, then the next release will be next year.

“Despite the fact that Sony isn’t ready to confirm the rumors, instances in the past have confirmed that there could be substance to popular rumors. For example, rumors that the PS3 had Blu-Ray capabilities were true. Who knows the latest rumors about virtual reality may be true. With Sony, you never know,” adds the spokesperson.

Ever since the PS4 was unintentionally revealed at a shareholders meeting, fans have been making a mad scramble at PS4 dedicated websites looking for the latest information.

About Sony PS4 Gaming: The website is an informative site that precedes the launch of the PS4. The site provides PS4 news, rumors, and information about the latest Playstation.

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