Urban Body Clinic Offers Edmonton Facial Treatments

Urban Body Clinic is offering a selection of Edmonton facial treatments and services. These include clinical types of procedures that aim to prevent, or battle the signs of aging and rejuvenate the skin.

On top of the list is the Botinol Clinical Facial, which is considered as the “ultimate anti-aging facial” for its Botox-like effect, sans the injections. Improved lines and wrinkles, and plumper skin can be enjoyed immediately after one session. The Collagen Clinical Facial, on the other hand, revitalizes the skin, improves its elasticity, and tightens it without surgery.

Patients who want to restore damaged skin caused by summer heat can opt for the Vitamin C Clinical Facial. It destroys the free radicals brought by harmful UV rays and promotes collagen production. The Hydrolifting Clinical Facial, meanwhile, is a preventive and corrective anti-aging procedure. It involves five phases that prevent sagging of the skin.

Using advanced skin care and indulgent treatments, Urban Body Clinic caters to men and women in search of cosmetic wellness and renewal. They utilize well-trained staff and the latest technologies in administering the services and procedures. They also offer skin care, and beauty products.

Patients looking for acne treatments, body contouring, photo rejuvenation, weight loss coaching, waxing, and laser hair removal in Edmonton, will find the practice’s services favorable. The practice also conducts services in a tranquil environment where patients can relax and enjoy the whole experience.

For more information on their treatments and packages, visit www.urbanbodyclinic.com.

About Urban Body Clinic

Founded in 2003, Urban Body Clinic provides extensive cosmetic treatments, products, and services to clients aiming for better and healthier skin. They use the latest technologies in the aesthetics industry and provide excellent customer service, which makes them one of the leading destinations for skin care in the area.

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