What You Can Get at a Pawn Shop

Jewelry and pawn shops go perfectly together. When people think of pawn loans some of the first things that they think of are Rolex watches, diamond jewelry and gold.

A pawnbroker is almost always knowledgeable about jewelry, and people know when they need extra cash they can turn to their jewelry boxes to sell gold and other jewelry or take out a pawn loan. People also know if they’re shopping for new jewelry they can find the best deals at a pawn shop.

While the contents of your jewelry box are an excellent option when you need a pawn loan, many people overlook other items around their home. Pawnbrokers are looking for items that won’t sit on their shelf unsold if you don’t pay back your loan. When taking inventory of the items in your home you want to look for things in good working condition with a good resale value.

Electronics are especially popular and pawnbrokers will loan on a variety of equipment, including TV’s, laptops, tablets, MP3 players and game systems. Electronics have become an integral part of people’s lives and even used, they have a good resale value. The more up-to-date your item electronics are the more likely your pawnbroker will be interested in it.

Another often overlooked item is a musical instrument. While many people think of a pawn shop when shopping for guitars, other instruments can be pawned or purchased at a pawn shop as well. Wind instruments, horns, drum kits and variety of other instruments can all be worth a good deal of money.

Finally, don’t forget to step out to your garage. Pawn shops are also interested in your tools, bicycles and other outdoor equipment! Power tools can be expensive and people will often go to their local pawnbroker to get good deals on tools, meaning you should be able to sell or pawn your tools for top dollar.

Pawn shops are synonymous with jewelry stores, but they are so much more than that. If you need a pawn loan look at your entire home, not just your jewelry box, and you’re sure to find the quick cash you need!

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