Essex Personal Trainer Organizes Fat Burning Group Classes

Essex Personal Trainer Shulagh Jacobs, is hosting a Fat Burning Intensive training class for small groups of not more than four ladies. Fitness enthusiasts can expect a rigorous training programme intelligently and specifically tailored to burn the maximum amount of fat, and boost the metabolic functions of the body.

More than just a small group physical training, the Fat Burning Intensive can accommodate all ages and fitness levels. It is distinctively structured to produce significant results without exhausting the body to the limit, as boot camps, aerobic training, and conventional cardio and abs toning workouts usually do.

This group workout is aimed at revving up the metabolism and transforming the body into a well oiled fat burning machine to make way for a lean, toned, and firmer physique. Jacobs underscores that this special weight loss method is all about training for maximum fat loss effect in a time efficient manner at a physical level that suits the trainee’s condition and goals.

In other news, Jacobs recently launched Fat Burning Intensive: Secrets of Fat Loss Made Simple, a comprehensive e-book guide in light of the weight loss programme she has introduced. This book reveals the key strategies on how to lose weight, shed unwanted fats, and finally be confident in their healthy body.

Interested parties can download the free introductory training guide upon entering their email address on their website to learn more about the Fat Burning Intensive programme. Visit or for more details about their weight loss and personal training programmes.

About Shulagh Jacobs Personal Training

This fitness training centre is the brainchild of Shulagh Jacobs, a seasoned personal trainer in Essex for sixteen years. Her fitness programme is heavily grounded on reinventing the body, restoring one’s optimum health, and revitalising the energy levels. She also introduced her personal Bodymap Training System that comes with a specialised diet programme and physical training toolkit.

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