TUjobs.com to take part in Innovation Norway’s pavilion at OTC 2013

TUjobs.com to take part in Innovation Norway's pavilion at OTC 2013 TUjobs.com, the online oil recruitment website for jobs in Norway, will be taking part in the Norwegian pavilion hosted by Innovation Norway at OTC 2013 (Offshore Technology Conference).

OTC 2013, a four-day annual event attracts around 80,000 attendees from 110+ countries, is considered the world’s foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection.

The publisher of TUjobs.com, Jan M. Moberg, explained, “It is a first, but we are there to learn, spread our services and help international employers in their quest for talent. TU Media, the founder of TUjobs, has a long history in helping both Norwegian and international employers finding talent within engineering and technology. Advertisers can help themselves place new ads through TUjobs.com. We also recently launched an editorial section focusing on jobs in technology and engineering.“

Moberg continued, “This makes working in the industry both exiting and attractive. And it pays well too.“

The offshore oil and gas industry in Norway was established over 40 years and since then, both Norwegian and international oil companies and suppliers have developed groundbreaking and fascinating technologies through the whole upstream value chain. The current trend places more and more installations subsea – deeper and deeper on the bottom of the ocean.

OTC 2013 will be taking place at Reliant Park in Houston, Texas from 6th to 9th May. Visit www.otcnet.org/2013 to learn more about this year’s event. In addition, visit www.tujobs.com for find out more about TUjobs.

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