Turkish Property Prices Still Strong

The value of property in many parts of the world has decreased, but Turkish property is setting another trend.

Investing in property is still popular amongst all kinds of investors. Private investors, property developers and many pension funds are still investing in property. They are doing so because most other investment vehicles no longer deliver. Market related investments, commodity investment and currency trading all no longer reliably provide good returns.

However, getting good returns from investing in property is not as easy as it once was. In many parts of the world, the value of property has dropped rather than increased. Despite this, there is still good money to be made from investing in property for those who get the right advice. The key is investing in emerging markets and these markets definitely still exist.

There are countries that were not as severely affected as Europe and the US were by the recession. Their property markets did not plummet, today, prices in these markets are rising steadily.

Turkey is a country with a strong property market. Growth has consistently been in double figures. Its location close to Europe and relatively liberal, modern society means that Europeans are naturally attracted to the country. All kinds of people want to invest in property in Turkey, including people looking to retire to somewhere warm.

Why Turkish property represents such a good investment
However, there are also lots of investors buying property in Turkey to rent out and as a pure investment. They are doing so because property in Turkey is still relatively cheap. It is relatively easy to buy property in Turkey even for a non-resident. The build quality is exceptional, with plenty of luxury property available in many parts of the country. Most importantly property prices are still rising. During 2012, the price of property rose by 10-15%. In some areas, prices rose more than that. Unsurprisingly, Turkish property specialists like Turkey Property HotSpots have seen interest in buying property in Turkey rise. They are pleased to be able to help everyone who comes to them, almost regardless of their budget. They have properties on their books priced at between £50,000 and £500,000.

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