New Customers Found By The Industrial Flooring Sector

When people think of industrial flooring, they often think of factories and warehouses. However, today industrial flooring can be found in many other places and buildings.

For decades industrial flooring specialists primarily worked laying floors in warehouses, factories and other workspaces. Today, they are just as likely to be laying a promenade along a riverside or a new car park deck as laying a floor in an industrial setting.

What would have previously been considered industrial flooring is now widely used in public buildings and retail outlets. The ability to polish concrete has turned what was once a dull, boring and ugly floor into a potentially beautiful floor covering.

The development of new colouring and laying techniques has helped too. It is now possible to lay an industrial floor, which includes a pattern or even a logo. The techniques used to lay the floors of most supermarkets, shopping centres, transport hubs and even football clubs, were first developed for laying floors in industrial settings.

Recently, new resins have been developed that allow these same floors to be laid and used in an outdoor environment. Using a combination of new materials, mixing and laying techniques means industrial flooring experts can now lay durable, slabs, paths and floors that will withstand everything the UK weather throws at them.

A good example of the outdoor use of industrial flooring
Quest Ltd has been laying industrial floors, in the UK and Europe for over 30 years. They have laid floors in aircraft hangers, factories as well as retail outlets owned by people like Sainsburys. However, recently they have completed several large outdoor projects. The biggest of these was laying a new concrete path measuring14500m² alongside Dun Laoghaire Harbour in Ireland. The new path is made from concrete, seashells and pebble aggregate. When the path was polished, it shone and gleamed with the colour of the pebbles and seashells adding warmth and texture to what would have otherwise been a dull concrete slab. It is a fantastic example of industrial flooring techniques being updated and applied in an outdoor environment, which is happening across the UK.

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