Visit Vietnam to Turn Back the Pages of History & Understand a War That Changed America

The Vietnamese are probably the friendliest, forgiving, yet resilient people in the world. While most Americans visit the country with some trepidation, they’re almost made to feel like home thanks to traditional Vietnamese hospitality.

And if someone were to ask them about harboring ill feelings about the war, the response is almost the same everywhere- ‘You (as in the questioner) have nothing to do with the war, and are not responsible’. It is in the culture of the Vietnamese to accept karma and move ahead in life.

No wonder, tourism has become such an important aspect Vietnamese economy. Every year millions of Americans visit the country. Visa regulations in Vietnam are probably the friendliest of all. In fact, applicants don’t even have to visit the Embassy; all that they need to do is to fill an online application form, pay visa fees and processing fees to the agent, and then wait for the Evisa to reach your email address within 12 or may take up to 24 business hours of receiving the payment.

This E-visa or preapproved letter can then be shown at any of the international airports in the country along with two passport size photographs. “We’ve been in the business of providing E-Visas for quite some time and have helped thousands of people looking to visit the country. You can also apply for rush visas by sending us your passport sized photo along with the request for a rush visa. Once your request is processed and all records pertaining to you are checked, the rush visa is then sent within 30 minutes,” says the spokesperson for They can be contacted at any time with a request for Vietnam visa online.

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