Chess Plastics Celebrates Its 45th Year Anniversary

Chess Plastics, a leading plastic injection moulding specialist, celebrates 45 years of being in business. Established in 1968, Chess Plastics marks this special event with the purchase of a new 1000T machine.

Malcolm Olden, a founding member of the company who retired at the end of 2007 thanks all the company’s past and existing customers for their support throughout the years. Malcolm’s retirement party was held at Worcester Races.

With the plastics manufacturing industry facing tough times due to the increasing polymer costs, Chess Plastics have made efforts to stay “ahead of the game”. The company continues to invest in advanced large moulding machines purchasing another 1000 tonne and 650 tonne machine, both with ABB six axis robots. This has helped the company earn new contracts by manufacturing over 30 new moulds and projects managed in Asia supported by new moulds from the United Kingdom. To manage these and other existing projects, the company has a dedicated 24*7 team that operates even on weekends, enabling flexibility and adaptability for catering to changing customer demands. The company’s workforce operates within a factory space of 35,000 square feet in Droitwich, Worcestershire, working in a three shift system, 24 hours a day.

Chess Plastics manufactures products that range from medium to large injection mouldings, weighing 500 grams to 12,000 grams. The variety of products manufactured includes buckets, bins, barriers, air boxes, tubs, wheel trims and decks.’Mattec’ Real Time Monitoring system is used to integrate with the company’s plastic manufacturing software for production control and planning for further efficiency.

About the Company: Malcolm and Marilyn Olden established Chess Plastics Ltd in 1968 in Tring, Hertfordshire. Beginning as a specialist injection moulding company, Chess Plastics continued to invest in technology and marketing and expansion of its factory space to grow and diversify steadily. Chess Plastics continues to be family run enterprise with Glyn and Gareth Olden as leading directors.

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