Cascade Offers Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Seattle

Cascade Restoration Services, one of the leading names in Seattle for water damage solutions, is offering emergency services for residential and commercial properties. As one of the wettest locales in the nation, the company offers its restoration services to prevent further damage that is caused by excessive rains and possible flooding.

As one of the leading causes of molds, and deep-seated structural damage, flooding and water damage is something that must be addressed immediately to ensure continued safety for both occupants and property. For locales with particularly wet weather, it is important for owners to not just take measure to protect their property, but also have a servicer to rely on in cases of emergencies.

Considered one of the utmost insurance restoration contractors in the region, Cascade Restoration Services offers full-service restoration and remodeling for residential and commercial properties. Ones that have moderate to severe damage caused by water and the sheer wear of being located in Seattle and near a waterway like the Puget Sound.

The company offers extensive services that can address any amount of water damage. Owners with extensive water damage are recommended to call their insurance agency once the damage is discovered. Afterwards they can immediately contact Cascade to have the damage addressed and resolved as soon as possible.

Employing the most qualified and experienced technicians in water damage restoration in Seattle, Cascade works closely with an owner’s chosen insurance firm while addressing all the water damage and working on the full restoration of a home’s exterior, interiors, furniture, and décor. The company’s services are available 24-7, and also include tree and fire/smoke damage restoration.

For more information, visit or call Cascade Restoration Services at (425) 949-2771.

About Cascade Restoration Services

Established by owner Robert Sainsbury in 1981, Cascade Restoration Services is a full-service restoration company providing residential and commercial services in Seattle and the Puget Sound area. The company is certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and their services include water, fire and smoke, and tree damage restoration.

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