Downtown Calgary’s Core Dental Now Offers Cutting-Edge MTM® Aligners for Orthodontic Treatment

When patients are exploring “clear braces” for orthodontic treatment, they will often assume that Invisalign® is their only real option. Now, Downtown Calgary Dentist, Dr. Kim Orth, is offering a cutting-edge, cost-effective alternative: MTM® Aligners.

“MTM® Aligners have changed the face of modern, ‘clear braces’ orthodontic treatment,” explains Dr. Orth. “Effective and virtually undetectable, this system comfortably and gradually shifts teeth into their proper alignment.” MTM Aligners, which stands for “Minor Tooth Movement,” work to correct slight misalignments, such as gaps or crowding.

Explaining the science behind the MTM system, Dr. Orth offered this: “Where traditional braces rely on metal wires and brackets, this system uses a series of virtually-invisible, plastic aligners. Custom-made to suit your unique orthodontic needs, MTM Aligners are easily removable for brushing and during meal times.” Commenting on the safety and efficacy of the system, Dr. Orth went on to explain that the MTM® Clear•Aligner is also Health Canada approved.

Comparing MTM aligners to the highly-marketed Invisalign® system, Dr. Orth explains that “One of the most important advantages of MTM is its cost. This means that more families and individuals have the opportunity to choose a ‘clear braces’ option.” On its website, the manufacturer also explains how MTM stacks up in comparison to other aligner treatments: “Each case is different, so individual costs will vary. However, MTM® Clear•Aligner typically costs a fraction of other aligner options or full-mouth braces (both wire and clear).”

Asked to speak on the future of this cutting-edge system, Dr. Orth concluded with this: “With its proven results, cost-effectiveness and countless satisfied patients, we are confident that the MTM Aligners are here to stay. We encourage all our patients and parents to explore this exciting new option.”

Interested parties can schedule a consultation with Dr. Orth at 403.265.5724 or

About Dr. Orth

Dr. Kim Orth is a highly respected General Dentist practicing in Downtown Calgary. A member of the Alberta Dental Association, the Canadian Dental Association, and a graduate of the Alberta Dental School, Dr. Orth practices at Core Dental, located on the fourth floor of the Core Shopping Centre (formerly known as the Eaton Centre).

Core Dental can be reached at 403.265.5724 or

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