Mizuno Launches New Unique EVO Wave Technology Line

Mizuno, a world leader in running shoes, football boots and other types of sporting footwear, has launched a new line of running shoes for mid/forefoot strike runners.

The shoes, which come in two forms, the Levitas and the Cursoris, utilise Mizuno’s unique Wave technology that they claim will reduce injury and maximise efficiency. The Cursoris is designed for those new to mid/forefoot running and has a 12mm ap+ cushioning foam in the midsole, giving moderate protection, whilst the Levitas is for more experienced mid/forefoot runners, offering minimal protection with an 8mm ap+ midsole.

Both lines of shoes features a zero drop midsole ramp from heel to toe and deep multi-directional flex grooves to help improve running style. The Wave technology is positioned in the midsole to help with cushioning and stability whilst running, whilst they are constructed with a wide forefoot to allow the toes to spread which naturally helps to stabilise the body.

A spokesperson for Mizuno commented: “Over the last few years, there has been extensive research and testing carried out on running styles. Until recently, running shoes have been evolving to provide cushioning and support. However, due to the research, trends are now taking a different direction, where the feet and body are allowed to work more naturally.

“With this increasing popularity of mid/forefoot, we are launching an innovative masterpiece in the Wave EVO Cursoris and Levitas. These are running shoes that allow the foot to function more naturally, whilst still providing technologies in the shoe to help the runner and improve their midfoot running, particularly when they are first attempting a midfoot strike. These shoes are ideal for runner transitioning to mid/forefoot running efficiency.”

For more information about Mizuno, the Wave Rider 16 or any of their other athletic footwear, contact them on +44 (0) 1189 362 100 or visit their website at http://www.mizuno.eu/.

About Mizuno:
Since its founding in Osaka, Japan in 1906, Mizuno has become a leading-name brand in the performance footwear and sportswear industries, with products available in more than 50 countries worldwide. Mizuno specialises in designing and manufacturing footwear for running, football, handball, volleyball and myriad other sports using innovative technologies unique to their brand, including Wave, Dynamotion Fit, and SR Touch, offering footwear renowned internationally for its suitability to particular sports, athlete types and performance styles.

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